It’s Time to Call the Movers

Checklist for before the move

Moving day doesn’t just happen in one day: it takes a lot of preparation! In fact, our moving day checklist starts long before any boxes are even packed:

 Sort and purge. Now is a great time to go through your things and get rid of anything you don’t need or use. For example, you can donate any clothing you haven’t worn in a while or kitchen items you have duplicates of.  Consider the size of your new home, don’t take things just to take them. 

□ Research moving companies. If you are moving local we have movers we can recommend.Around two months before your move is a great time to start researching moving companies. Do any friends or family have recommendations? Or, if you’re moving your belongings yourself, it’s also a good time to reserve a rental truck. In addition, you should begin stocking up on items like boxes, tape, bubble wrap and permanent markers.

□ Keep valuables safe. For example, any items like jewelry or important documents should be placed in a safe box so they are easier to keep track of during and after your move.

□ Make arrangements for utilities. It’s easier to stop or transfer cable, gas, electric, water, solar, telephone, security and garbage services a few weeks before moving day.

□ Complete a Change of Address. You can do this easily by visiting You can also register to vote at the same time!

□ Update your driver’s license and car registration. You can do this through your local DMV.

 Book babysitters or pet sitters. There are a lot of moving parts on moving day! Don’t forget to arrange for sitters for young children and/or pets on moving day so that you can concentrate on the job at hand.

□ Long-distance considerations. If you’re moving from a long distance, some additional arrangements need to be made. For example, arranging medical records to be sent to new healthcare providers, switching medications to a local pharmacy and arranging for transportation of your vehicles.

□ Consider moving insurance.  Ask the moving company if they offer insurance options or contact a third party insurance company.  Mover can break things and long distance moving is a greater risk. 

Moving Day Checklist

Now that the big day is here, there are a few things you’ll want to remember!

□ Keep items separate and safe. Make sure that any items you are personally transporting are kept separate from things that the movers will be moving.

□ Carry some cash. It’s a good idea to keep enough cash on you to cover the cost of moving expenses—just in case.

□ Keep cleaning supplies on hand. In case there are any last-minute spills or dirty spots you may have missed, it’s a good idea to keep a box of general cleaning supplies set aside.

□ What to leave behind. Finally, leave keys, garage door openers, and anything else the next owner or occupant of your residence will need with their Real Estate agent or your leasing agency

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